This document regulates your use of the website www.rivopharm.ch / www.rivopharm.com (the “Website”) and of any resource connected to it. This document is structured as follows:

- Paragraphs A and B include information on Website ownership, Contact Data and the procedure of acceptance and review of this document;
- Paragraph C describes the terms of access and use of the Website, along with the Website’s features;
- Paragraph D identifies the substantive law applicable to the legal relation between the parties and sets out the place of jurisdiction for any dispute arising from it.

The Data Protection, Cookie and User Policies of the Website are detailed in a separate document and are available at this link. It is understood, however, that these Policies are thoroughly integrated and referred to in these Terms of Use.


The Website is owned by RIVOPHARM SA, Manno (CH).
Any communication addressed to the company shall be in writing and will be considered valid and effective once received, if sent by ordinary post, or upon delivery of the read receipt if sent via email.

Contact Data:
Address: RIVOPHARM SA, Centro Insema, 6928 Manno (CH)
Phone: +41 (0)91 605 66 66
Email: info@rivopharm.ch


By using the Website, you agree to the current Terms and Conditions applicable upon access to the Website. You can see the most recent update by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of the Website. The Website owner has the right to update this document at any time and at its sole discretion, notably following the evolution of the applicable law. It is hence your responsibility to verify accurately the status of the Terms and Conditions before accessing the Website.


Through the Website, general information is provided to you free of charge. The Website owner reserves the right at any time and to its sole discretion, to suspend or modify the availability of the information free of charge or to make it ultimately unavailable. Any legal, insurance, administrative, medical or scientific information published on the Website and/or via resources connected to it–such as newsletter, LinkedIn, links to third-party websites, etc.–are understood as purely informative and cannot by any means replace professional advice.

Third-party Content and Services, External Links to the Website
The Website provides links to websites, resources and online services external to its domain. The Website has no control whatsoever over any website, resource and online service external to its domain, especially in term of data security and protection. Thereby, the Website shall not be liable for any potential malfunctioning, unavailability, damage or loss caused by using or relying on any content, goods or service available on external websites and resources.

Intellectual Property and Policy on Hyperlinks
The Website owner is fully and exclusively entitled to intellectual property rights over the Website, any resource connected to it, its graphics, its databases and its contents, as well as over any symbol and name, registered (if specified) and unregistered trademarks protected by the law. Any use by third parties that is not legally or contractually licensed, in the latter case in writing, is unlawful and may be prosecuted in a civil and criminal court. The Website owner approves any direct hyperlink to the Website homepage and other webpages provided that they do not cause any damage to the image of the Website and/or of RIVOPHARM SA and/or its governing officers, executives and employees. The owner of the Website, however, reserves the right to withdraw their approval at any time. Embedding, in full or in part, any Website content in other websites or online and/or offline resources is forbidden.

User Conduct
You commit to using the Website and any resource connected to it–such as email, social media, phone, etc.–legitimately, respectfully of the Website owner’s and third parties’ rights and in compliance with this document. In particular, you commit to:
-Disclosing truthful and current data and information;

You shall indemnify RIVOPHARM SA and/or its governing officers, executives and employees and save them from any damage and/or prejudice, both economic and moral, arising from any use that is unlawful and/or non-compliant with these Terms of Use of the Website and any information and resources connected to it.

The owner of the Website reserves the right, at its own discretion, to prevent you, in full or in part, from accessing and/or using the Website, particularly in presence of signs suggesting potential activities or conducts that are non-compliant with this document.


The legal relationship between you and the Website owner with regard to accessing and using the Website and any resource connected to it is governed by Swiss substantive law, excluding international private law regulations.Both parties agree on the District Court in Lugano (TI) as the exclusive court jurisdiction for all controversies arising from or simply related to the use of the Website. The Website owner also reserves the right to appeal to the competent court where the headquarter, the branch or the user’s permanent address is located.

Effective as of: October 8 th , 2018